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04 May 2012

British Modern Remade – Flats 32 and 33 Norwich Street, Park Hill Estate, Sheffield, 4 May– 16 June

image filled by brutalist facade of block of flats, a severe grid with plate ochre colours,_Sheffield#/media/File:Park_Hill_Samarkanda.JPG

An Arts Council exhibition curated by Helen Kaplinksy, hosted by Urban Splash at Park Hill.

“This exhibition is a journey from Britain’s post-war abstract, domestic and decorative Modernism, through the advent of postmodern in the 1970s, and on to the present day. Typically a distinction is made between clarity and simplicity at the root of Modernist principals in contrast to the muddy and contradictory nature of postmodernity, defined as a mixture of styles. However, British Modernism has never been ‘pure’, it has always been a remaking of sorts. The British came to Modernism late – our interpretation of the movement was always indebted to borrowed styles from the Continent, as well as the native tradition of Arts and Crafts. The Modern style has been re-interpreted and re-practised in the visual arts with a diverse and sometimes paradoxical set of characteristic gestures, including intuition, geometry, rationality, biomorphism, Minimalism, Futurism, Primitivism, craft and mass production.” (from the exhibition book British Modern Remade)