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24 Jul 2012

“Contemporary boom creates demand for those who can organize shows”

“During the past decade, as the contemporary art world has grown to planetary size – more galleries, more fairs, more art-selling Web sites, bigger museums, new biennials almost by the month – it has sometimes seemed as if a new kind of cultural figure has been born as well: the international curator, constantly in flight to somewhere … The word itself has seeped into the language, a little too deeply (‘Curate your Facebook profile like you curate your life’, a social media blog counseled recently.) While the term ‘independent curator’ is misleading – curators are usually attached to institutions or programs, if only temporarily – the example of itinerant curators who have become art-world celebrities in recent years, like Okwui Enwezor, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Neville Wakefield, has had an effect.” (Randy Kennedy in the International Herald Tribune (European Edition), 24 July 2012)