18 Jul 2012

Frieze Projects East

interior of industrial space, with monumental cartoonish sculptural forms dominating,
Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne, Love, 2012. Commission as part of Frieze Projects East. Installation view at Poplar Baths, London. Photograph: Polly Braden, courtesy: Frieze.

“A quiet revolution in public art takes place this summer in the corners of east London. In the shadow of the Olympic park that straddles Stratford sits a fountain flowing not with water but with sand. In Tower Hamlets, humungous inflatable sculptures – including one of the 1990s pop singer Betty Boo and others depicting famous artworks – fill the delectable art deco interior of a derelict swimming baths site. The works are among six public art projects curated and produced by Frieze Foundation …’ (Gareth Harris in the Financial Times, 28-29 July 2012)