Jeremy Deller on TV

screenshot of BBC website, featuring Jeremy Deller - Middle class hero, showing it was last broadcast 25 February 2012
Screenshot of the BBC website, featuring a record of the programme and The Culture Show series

Jeremy Deller: Middle Class Hero
24 February 2012, 7pm, BBC2

“Jeremy Deller has never really been your typical artist, particularly during the years when British art was being defined by the wallet of Charles Saatchi. Deller’s first show was in his parents’ house, and his work is often collaborative (he reworked acid house anthems with a brass band), political (he restaged a police v striking miners battle from 1984s), and ephemeral (for his latest project he’s been filming bats in Texas). This Culture Show special catches up with the artist as he prepares for a forthcoming retrospective at the
Hayward Gallery.” (The Guardian, 24 February 2012)

Clips available here.