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14 Feb 2012

Postgraduate curators at Cardiff University

“Postgraduate Curators is a programme that offers curatorial skills training to PhD students, and gives them the opportunity to curate their own exhibitions. This programme is organised by the Graduate College and SCOLAR, and open to PhD students from all disciplines – this year we had attendees from ENCAP, WELSH, JOMEC and SHARE …” (posting from 14 February 2012, here)

“State of the Arts” at Lowry, Salford

“State of the Arts is the Arts Council’s national conference for the arts and culture sector, it took place at The Lowry in Salford on 14 February 2012 in conjunction with the BBC, Salford City Council, Manchester City Council and the British Council”

Charles Saatchi on J.M.W. Turner

“JMW Turner bequeathed 300 of his masterpieces to the nation, alongside 30,000 of his watercolours, drawings and sketches. Clearly, only a small proportion of his work can be installed in its home at the Tate, and so most of it is never seen by the public, but safely stored away in silent darkness.

I wonder how Turner would feel now, in an age of mass travel and mass communication, to have his work squirreled away, inaccessible to anyone but scholars.

If we were able to ask Turner if he would prefer to have, say, 25,000 of the watercolours and drawings spread around the world’s great museums, with large archive centres in Paris, New York, Washington, Berlin, Rome, and the major museums in China, India, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Russia – don’t you think he would prefer it?” (The Guardian, 14 February 2012)