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Curating Nation | UAL Decolonising Arts Institute with the Black British Art Research Group, April–May 2021

A series of 3 workshops exploring how existing narratives of British art might be expanded through curatorial and art historical interventions.

Conceived by Hammad Nasar and developed in collaboration with the British Art Network’s Black British Art Research Group led by Dr Alice Correia, Dr Elizabeth Robles and Marlene Smith, Curating Nation coincided with the opening of the British Art Show 9 in Wolverhampton.

All events in this series

Title slide from a Powerpoint Presentation

Curating Nation | Workshop 3: What Narratives of British Art Are Being Co-produced Internationally?

Title slide from a PowerPoint presentation

Curating Nation | Workshop 2: What Stories of British Art Travel?

Title slide from powerpoint presentation.

Curating Nation | Workshop 1: What Does a National Collection Look Like?