Decolonising British Art: Decentering, Resituating and Reviewing Artworks and Collections | UAL Decolonising Arts Institute, November 2020

The Decolonising Arts Institute led a British Art Network seminar series in November 2020 on Decentering, Resituating and Reviewing Artworks and Collections.

The series of 4 events looked at recent and historical exhibition practices and curatorial strategies with partners including Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), Birmingham Museums Trust, and Iniva (Institute of International Visual Art).

All events in this series

Decolonising British Art | Seminar 4: Revisiting Veil, Reviewing Revisions

Exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Decolonising British Art | Seminar 3: The Past is Now, Experimental Approaches Towards Decolonising the Museum

Erika Tan, Persistent Visions, installation view

Decolonising British Art | Seminar 2: Decentering Three Collections

People looking at a ceramic object in a gallery

Decolonising British Art | Seminar 1: Objects of Attention