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If you have a question which isn’t answered below, contact the British Art Network at [email protected] or the British Art Network Convenor, Martin Myrone, directly ([email protected]).

Membership of BAN is always open and free. There are currently 1,200 members, all actively involved in British art curating around the UK and beyond. If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the form below.

Please note: If you have applied for BAN membership, but not yet had confirmation of your membership status you are still eligible to apply for this opportunity.

What is the time commitment for this programme?

This is a residential programme based at the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, planned over five days from the 17th-21st October 2022. All participants are expected to arrive in New Haven before the 17thOctober and remain for the full working week, leaving the weekend of 22nd/23rd October. There will be workshops and visits throughout each day, as well as evening activities. Participants are expected to attend in full. There will be some opportunities for private research time and rest across the week, but if you have any specific concerns about the programme do get in touch.

How do you define British art?

One of the key questions for the programme is: ‘What’s the future for the category of British art?’ The Network has an expansive and open approach to definitions of British art. We would be open to applications from anyone who feels that their professional/creative practice engages with, illuminates, or interrogates the question of ‘British art’ as a category actively produced through art historical, museological and cultural and artistic practices. 

Do I need to be a curator to apply? 

The Network promotes curatorial research, practice and theory in the field of British art, and  we champion an expansive definition of curatorial practice. Our members include curators, academics, artist-researchers, conservators, producers and programmers at all stages of their professional lives. We recognise that many different people are involved in curatorial work, including many who do not have ‘curator’ in their job title. The programme is underpinned by the questions – ‘Who gets to be a curator?’ and ‘What does curating mean now?’.  If you have professional and creative experience which you feel is relevant in addressing these topics are involved in working practically with exhibitions, collections or heritage, you should feel able to apply for this opportunity. 

I’m not yet a member of the British Art Network – can I still apply? 

This opportunity is open to all members of the British Art Network, whenever they have joined. We are always looking to expand and diversify our membership and very much welcome applications from people new to the Network. Joining the British Art Network is free, and it includes the opportunity to join Research Groups, attend seminars, workshops and conferences, receive a quarterly newsletter, and apply for other Network bursaries and support. Apply to join the Network here. If you have applied for BAN membership, but not yet had confirmation of your membership status you are still eligible to apply for the BAN / YCBA Curatorial Forum.

I’m not based in the UK but I work with British art – can I apply? 

The British Art Network is working on expanding its international reach and membership – we very much welcome researchers and curators of British art based outside the UK to apply for this opportunity. 

I’m currently in employment – do I need permission from them to participate?

If you currently have an employer, you may want to obtain their permission before applying for the Curatorial Forum, if your participation would be considered part of your working hours. We are providing a form for employers to express support and highlight any potential challenges, which you can include with your application.

I don’t have a job currently / I am a freelancer – can I still apply?

We want to bring together individuals with a wide range of professional experiences, and this includes people who are freelance/independent or currently out of employment. If you are not currently working, we still encourage you to apply if you feel you have experience and interests relevant to the programme. For those not in employment or working part-time, we will be assessing eligibility for a modest honorarium to acknowledge your time and contribution on a case-by-case basis. 

Will I need a visa for entry to the US? 

The programme will take place in-person in New Haven, and participants are expected to check their eligibility to travel to the United States to take part. We would draw your attention to the Visa Waiver Program, details below with relevant links.

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables nationals of certain countries to travel to the United States for tourism (WT) or business (WB) for stays of 90 days or less (extension or change of status are not permitted) without obtaining a visa. See the U.S. Department of State website for more information. VWP eligible travelers may apply for a visa, if they prefer to do so. Not all countries participate in the VWP, and not all travelers from VWP countries are eligible to use the program. VWP travelers are screened prior to admission into the United States using a system called ESTA. You must complete your ESTA application before departing for the U.S.

Will I need health insurance to participate in the programme?

Successful applicants will be expected to take out appropriate health insurance in order to participate in the in-person programme.

I have a disability/caring responsibilities/access requirements and might need extra support to participate – can you give more information on how you’ll make this possible?

The British Art Network team are committed to ensuring this opportunity is open and accessible to all, and there is budget in place for access needs. We champion the social model of disability, and BAN and YCBA are working together to ensure that all activities in the programme take place in fully accessible venues. If you are unsure whether our provision will cover your needs, we would be very happy to have a chat with you to discuss how support could be planned and put your mind at ease. We appreciate such conversations can be difficult to have and promise to keep any information shared fully confidential. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to talk this through with a member of our team.

What happens if Covid or another global situation makes an in-person event impossible? 
We are planning the Curatorial Forum as an in-person event. However, the teams at YCBA and BAN will be monitoring the global situation carefully and will follow US and UK government advice regarding international travel. Should it prove impossible to gather the Curatorial Forum in-person in New Haven, we will have alternative arrangements in place to ensure that the selected participants have access to equivalent opportunities, in the form of online or hybrid (mixed in-person and online) activities.