S:E:P:A:L:S: An Intersectional Approach to Care and Safety


S: E: P: A: L: S: An Intersectional Approach to Care and Safety is a half-day event, digital garden and future publication that aims to generate a focused understanding of how we can use care and safety in more diverse ways within curating, institutional decision making, commissioning and education. All these areas impact how we […]


Symposium: Northern Ireland’s Feminist and Queer Art Histories

Online Organised in collaboration between the The Northern Irish Art Research Group and the Courtauld’s Gender and Sexuality Research Group, this symposium examines how feminist and queer art and visual culture challenged Northern Irish art and society since 1968. The period is one in which wider political developments relating to gender and sexuality evidence both […]

Queer British Art Research Group Event: STORMY WEATHER – A day of debate, defiance & celebration

Manchester Art Gallery Mosley St, Manchester

STORMY WEATHER - A day of debate, defiance & celebration part of the closing weekend of Derek Jarman PROTEST! at Manchester Art Gallery. Artist Jez Dolan is artist-in-residence at Manchester Art Gallery as part of the exhibition Derek Jarman Protest!, a major retrospective of one of the most influential figures in 20th century British culture. […]

Black British Art Reading Group

Join the Black British Art (BBA) Spring Reading Group 2022! The reading group will take place over a series of consecutive Monday lunchtimes from 9 May - 16 June. Each session will be 1 hour long and held online. During these informal sessions, members of the Black British Artists Research Group will come together to […]

Race, Empire and the Pre-Raphaelites: Empire and the Everyday Object

Online Event

Over the past 25 years, historians have explored the various ways in which imperialism permeated life in Britain. This session focuses specifically on the connections between objects in daily use, empire, and migration. It explores how our everyday objects today can be placed into dialogue with nineteenth-century collections. It asks how museums might work with […]

The Art of Captioning: Making Access Work

Online Event

You are invited to join us online for a lunchtime panel discussion, Making Access Work, the first in a series from The Art of Captioning. Join us between 12.30-2pm for a discussion about access work with guest panellists Elaine Lillian Joseph and Nina Thomas and Natasha Trantom. In this conversation, we will explore arts access from the perspective […]

British Landscapes: Visit to Recreating Constable at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich

Christchurch Mansion Soane St, Ipswich

Join the British Landscapes Research Group for a curator-led tour of the exhibition Recreating Constable, exploring the early Suffolk influences and personal friendships that created Constable the artist. Alongside the exhibition, we will also experience the contemporary photographic installation Landscapes at Noon by artists Liz Harrington and Laurence Harding, specially commissioned to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Constable's The Hay Wain. There will […]

Northern Irish Art Network: A Bigger Picture, Photography Redefining Northern Ireland

Online Event

Part of New Narratives: a mini-series of online events exploring photography's role in our changing world. Amongst Northern Irish art, particularly in relation to the Troubles, photography has been characterised as masculine and been dominated by male voices. This enduring tendency has cast a long shadow over the representation of Northern Ireland, of conflict, and […]

Disability in British Art: Exploring difference from an artist’s perspective

Online Event

For our second meeting for Disability in British Art we will be taking in artists perspectives of difference and examining how nuanced interpretations of human experience allow us to form a better and more inclusive understanding of British art and art history. Becky Beasley and Michelle Baharier present papers on art practice as experienced through […]

Race, Empire and the Pre-Raphaelites: Difficult Objects

Online Event

Do you have a 'problem' object in your collection - perhaps something that is not displayed or is highly contentious? Would you like to bring it to the group for discussion? At this event we will explore the possibilities in exhibiting difficult subject matter. How might we ethically show and interpret these objects? Difficult objects […]

The Art of Captioning: Introduction to Caption-writing and Caption Consultation

Online Event

Join us for a workshop that explores different aspects and specificities for approaching caption writing and consultation with practical exercises that target particular skills in order to begin interpreting and consulting on captions. The workshop will be led by Care-fuffle Working Group member Anita Wolska-Kaslow, with support from artist and activist Nina Thomas. This workshop […]

VOICE: The Working-Class Voice in Contemporary Culture

The National Poetry Library Belvedere Road, London

Join us to celebrate the abundance, diversity and richness in contemporary working-class culture. To mark Future Cities, a collaborative exhibition between The National Poetry Library and Arts Council Collection, we ask what the future might look like if we amplify the voices of our working-class artists? Working-class culture is often spoken about in terms of […]