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Between the personal and historical: the Chinese diaspora, chinoiserie and photography

Meanwhile Space, Bloc Projects, 2-4 Matilda St, Sheffield S1 4QY
Saturday 22 June 2024, 14:00–16:30 BST

What can family photographs reveal about identity, colonialism and migration? In this special screening and conversation event, we are delighted to host artist-filmmaker Clare Chun-yu Liu and researcher Emily Beswick to bring together their respective research on family photographs of the Chinese diaspora.

Clare will screen two of her films This is China of a particular sort, I do not know and Another beautiful dream. These films re-interpret English chinoiserie — a decorative style characterised by the use of faux Chinese materials and motifs — from a perspective informed by postcolonial thinking and the artist’s Taiwanese background. Read more about This is China of a particular sort, I do not know and English chinoiserie in Clare’s article for the UnCanon, “the curious question of Chineseness: The Royal Pavilion”.

Emily will share her ongoing research on family photographs belonging to the Chinese community in Liverpool. She will discuss the process and outcomes of Traces of Memory, a collaborative research project with individuals from Liverpool’s East and South East Asian communities.

Please book your tickets here. Tickets are free, with a suggested donation of £3-5.