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Call for Participants | The Spectrum of Creativity – Race, Ethnicity, Precarity and Opportunity in the Cultural and Creative Industry

Marco Distinto, Amna Sarwer, and Charles Barthold from the Open University’s Department of People and Organisations, are conducting a research project in collaboration with members of the MK Gallery, Milton Keynes. The project focuses on the topic of inclusion in the Cultural and Creative Industry, aiming to explore issues around precarity and diversity within arts institutions. The goal is to understand how organisations can promote more inclusive environments for artists, cultural workers, and audiences alike.

As part of the research, they are conducting a series of online qualitative interviews to explore the experiences of workers in the museum sector and gain insights into the obstacles faced by individuals from minoritised ethnic groups. The interviews typically last around 45-60 minutes and are conducted in an informal manner, aiming to capture participants’ opinions on the topic. All participants’ responses will remain confidential, and each interview will be anonymised and assigned a code to protect personal identities during the analysis and reporting of findings.

If you want to know more about the research and would like to participate in the interviews, please get in touch with Marco Distinto ([email protected]) and Amna Sarwer ([email protected]).