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18 Mar 2012

No British art at Documenta 13?

“There seem to be some issues with the upcoming Documenta exhibition. This huge creative beanfeast, mounted twice a decade in Kassel, Germany, may be the most prestigious of all international exhibitions of modern art – the Olympics of modern art, they call it, although that surely undersells it – but the list of exhibitors this year gives cause for pause. When the Documenta cast list thudded into my inbox recently, I read it, reread it, then pressed delete. Remarkably, there were no British artists in the show …. I see three British curators have been included among the ‘participants’. Iwona Blazwick, from the Whitechapel, is named as a Documenta adviser. Hans Ulrich Olbrist, the Serpentine director about whom I had cause to moan recently because of his anti-British tastes, also appears. And I see my old Van Gogh lecturer, Griselda Pollock, who is now ‘professor of the social and critical histories of art and director of centre for cultural analysis, history, and theory at the University of Leeds’, is involved as well.” (Waldemar Januszczak in Sunday Times, 18 March 2012)