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19 Jun 2012

“Yoko Ono: To the Light”, Serpentine Gallery, London 19 June-9 September

“The later pieces – a bronze cast of a high-heeled shoe stained with blood, for instance – tend often to be rather too literal. They lose their lightness of spirit and with it their entrancing charm. But, for the most part, by a process of strict paring down, curators return the visitor to a sense of how fresh, how uplifting, this art must once have felt.” (Rachel Campbell-Johnston in The Times, 19 June 2012)

Dickens and the artists, Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey, 19 June – 28 October

“At this bicentenary of his birth, The Watt’s Gallery’s new exhibition Dickens and the Artists (19 June – 28 October 2012) explores this fascinating and symbiotic relationship between the writer and art. The exhibition will be divided into two sections that reflect this symbiotic relationship : ‘Dickens as Art Critic’ and ‘The Influence of Dickens on Artists’. The first will explore Dickens’s tastes and artistic friendships; his strong like and dislikes; the second will explore the profound impact that Dickens made upon a generation of artists, not only who those drew upon his novels as a source for painting but those who created a painterly equivalent to his novels, rich visual narratives of the Dickensian world.” (Yale University Press website)

Victorian image of a crowd, men women and children in different walks of life bustle together, a baker with a white cape one prominent character, elegant women in lilac and pink and blue catch our attention on the left
George Elgar Hicks, The General Post Office, One Minute to Six, 1860. Museum of London. 90.276