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BAN Annual Conference – Day 1

Beyond Othering: Curatorial Practice and the Neurodiversity Paradigm
Convened by Sonia Boué, Hosted online

Painting by Ashokkumar Mistry showing cane cutters dressed in brightly coloured clothes and turbans, dancing using wooden sticks. loosely painted with bright colours.
Canecutters dance number 4 by Ashokkumar Mistry, 2022

Where were you in 2012? This online event is curated by Sonia Boué and invites contributors to generate a dialogue around issues of othering, and the sensationalising of neurology in curatorial practice.

Running through this event are questions about self-translation in creative practice, and the assumption of speech. Sonia is concerned with themes of authorship and ownership, and the impact of accessible digital technology in creating and disseminating content.

Conference Session Introduction by Sonia Boué

Interviews and Presentations

Artistic Programme

In addition to the conference session, the convenor has put together an artistic programme of content including videos and audio. This artistic programme includes pieces by

  • Lucy Baker
  • Lindsay Seers
  • Sam Metz
  • Sharif Persaud
  • Anna Farley
  • Sonia Boué
  • Project Art Works
  • GLAM and Iffley Academy Partnership

Slow Down by Lucy Barker and Ben NCM
Lindsay Seers, I Turned Myself Into a Camera, produced by TateShots
The Artist is Not Present
Sam Metz, Drawing As Stimming
Project Art Works interview – Film London Jarman Award
The Mask by Sharif Persaud
GLAM and Iffley Academy Partnership
Anna Farley’s Photoworks Interview
Jamboard Illustration with contributions from attendees of the conference. Produced collaboratively online, Tuesday 15 November 2022.