BAN Annual Conference – Day 3, 22/11/2022

The Bluecoat, 8 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BX

Convened by Bryan Biggs, Director of Cultural Legacies at The Bluecoat. Featuring Matthew Cornford, Mohini Chandra, Derek Horton, Alice Correia, Ella S. Mills, Anjalie Dalal-Clayton and Skinder Hundal.

This conference session consisted of three sessions and focused on how the map of British art has been ‘decentred’ through processes involving revisiting archives, regional perspectives, decolonisation, and institutional change. Speakers include artists Matthew Cornford and Mohini Chandra, artist-writer Derek Horton, art historians Alice Correia and Ella S. Mills, Anjalie Dalal-Clayton (Decolonising Art Institute) and Skinder Hundal (British Council).