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Who Gets to Be a Curator?

Most of our group have experienced difficulty gaining access to or consolidating ourselves in the museum and cultural sector. It is not hard to understand why: it’s an oversaturated job market, people do not move on from senior positions regularly, there are many talented creatives out there, yet institutional gatekeeping and bias remains. Things are changing, but often it still feels like it’s more about who you know than what you can add. The following video sets out provocations which we respond to from our lived experiences and an invitation to those who feel they aren’t welcome.

Who Gets to Be A Curator? is part of the Emerging Curators Group takeover of the British Art Network’s newsletter, Winter 2021/22.

Contributors/Editors: Janet Couloute, Jess Starns, Lisa Kennedy, Prerona Prasad, Siobhan McLaughlin

Video Editing: Sophia Luk
BSL Interpretation: Dionne Thomas, Diverse Signs
Easy Read Transcription: A2i Transcription Services Ltd